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05- Entrepreneur creates tool for groups and for community- James Weddle
April 25, 2011 03:17 PM PDT
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In this episode of Entrepreneur Tools Online, we deliver a repurposed episode from the podcast series The Struggling Entrepreneur. This is an interview with James Weddle of www.groupcharger.com. He is also a founding member of www.worksody.com.

In this audio episode, you will hear an experienced entrepreneur that is bringing to market a tool that will assist different groups and communities. This tool has a web site where you can ask to be on the beta version–at http://www.groupcharger.com.

Also, James Weddle is creating a community of lean startup assistance programs for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Hear how he can help the startup community with this new idea. Take a look at the vision at http://www.worksody.com.

We will be very interested in following the development and deployment of this GroupCharger tool.

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04- Critical Issues for the Solo-preneur - a live presentation of lessons learned
October 07, 2010 04:38 AM PDT
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In this episode of Entrepreneur Tools Online, we deliver to you the actual live presentation at a meeting of small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs at a training seminar at Cospace, a co-working location.

The discussion centered around the top issues facing the Entrepreneur -- especially the solo-preneur -- and what you can do about them. The presentation was only 30 minutes long, and it is delivered to you as part of the audio podcast episode.

You can get the slides that accompanied this recording at:


One key area that was of focus during the presentation was the list of questions that an Entrepreneur needs to ask about the four critical challenges and issues that can actually put the business at risk, if they are not addressed.

Please look at the episode 3 of this series for the chart that describes the Top 4 critical challenges for the Entrepreneur

This presentation also stressed the importance of networking, good mentors, meetup groups and giving back to the community in the form of free consultation for the entrepreneur's services.

The free whitepaper to which reference was made that dealt with Addressing the Issues facing the Struggling Entrepreneur can be obtained in episode 2 of this same podcast series of


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03- Critical Challenges for the Entrepreneur
September 30, 2010 04:55 AM PDT
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In this episode of Entrepreneur Tools Online, we deliver a discussion of four key and critical challenges that face the Entrepreneur--especially the 'solo-preneur.'

This is an elaboration of a presentation for a group of aspiring Entrepreneurs in a local region at a co-working environment. However, when asked if they had the plans to address such challenges and keep them from becoming real issues in their businesses, the would-be small business owners admitted that they did not. This caused concern, because usually, these issues can become real problems later on. The result could be that these new small business owners would become the latest statistics and have their businesses fail within the first 6 to 12 months.

Top 4 challenges for the Entrepreneur

This discussion centers around four top challenges:

- Knowing how to manage the finances for a startup;

- Having the Personal Productivity skills (to accomplish more, in less time, with better quality, and with reduced stress);

- Becoming an effective marketer of their business and generating sales effectively;


- Planning and developing the right online presence--on the web and in the mobile environment with the right technology.

Each one of these areas is discussed with the questions that each entrepreneur or 'solo-preneur' needs to answer. Has the entrepreneur considered these areas? Is there a written plan that addresses these? Are the plans integrated into the overall written map or guide called the 'Business Plan' (however brief that may be) ? And is there a consistency with this integration of all these four major challenge areas so that the Entrepreneur can increase the chances for success and minimize the risk of negative impact, or even failure?

These four challenges facing the Entrepreneur actually come from an evergreen whitepaper that discusses in details the top ten issues. This whitepaper is free, and it can be consumed either as a pdf document or as audio mp3 podcast episodes. There is both an executive summary version (4-page pdf-document or 8-minute mp3 audio file), as well as the detailed version (39-page pdf document or 3 separate mp3 audio podcast files of 35-minutes each).

You can get the whitepaper in episode 2 at:


In an upcoming episode, we will deliver some online resources-- both free and fee-- for the entrepreneur to address these challenges and improve the chances for success.

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02- Free whitepaper- Top 10 Challenges facing the Entrepreneur
August 17, 2010 09:26 AM PDT
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In this episode of Entrepreneur Tools Online at www.etoolsonline.podomatic.com, we deliver to you a brief audio podcast that describes the free whitepaper that deals with


You can access this FREE whitepaper at


and go to episode 02.

Yes, this is a new site for Entrepreneur Tools Online.

In addition, YOU have the choice to decide HOW you wish to receive this free whitepaper (no, don't worry -- we don't ask you for any information from you):
- You can get an EXECUTIVE SUMMARY version as
* either a 3-page pdf document;
* or the audio of the Executive summary version as an mp3 file


- You can get the FULL / DETAILED VERSION as
* either a 39-page pdf document;
* or the audio of this 39-page whitepaper as audio files
(NOTE: because of the time for the audio of the complete whitepaper
or the FULL version, we have divided the audio into three
separate mp3 audio files. You can decide to download them or
stream them or move them to a podcatcher or your mp3 player.
Each file is from 20-to-30 minutes or so in length-- so you
can listen to them while driving, while on errands, or
at the gym, or using any of your "dead time."

The choice is yours, and these are completely free.

We know that you will get value from this information.
Thanks for listening.

Entrepreneur Tools Online

01- Announcing Entrepreneur Tools Online
July 29, 2010 07:17 AM PDT
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Announcing ENTREPRENEUR TOOLS ONLINE - education and tools to help entrepreneurs build their small business successfully.

We assist the Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur with the tools needed to make a success of your venture by means of delivering tools and education.

In order to know what tools you may need, we ask ourselves:

"What are the real challenges facing an aspiring entrepreneur or recently-launched entrepreneur?"

You can get a good summary of the top ten issues in a free whitepaper publication. This is a brief discussion based on real-life experiences from an Entrepreneur who learned the lessons from "the school of hard knocks." You can access the whitepaper (taken from a blogpost and podcast from The Struggling Entrepreneur series), below.

For the free white paper titled "Addressing the Issues Facing the Struggling Entrepreneur" -- go to http://www.entrepreneurtoolsonline.com.

Or, if you prefer to listen to the audio podcast episode version of the whitepaper, you can also get the audio file at http://www.entrepreneurtoolsonline.com.

But now we may ask "How can ENTREPRENEUR TOOLS ONLINE help you in this area?"

Well, the second biggest challenge facing a Small Business Owner is knowing which resources exist, and how you can leverage the free and fee-based resources for assistance in a timely manner.

This program called ENTREPRENEUR TOOLS ONLINE provides educational and knowledge-based resources to help the entrepreneur understand what this individual needs to know in order to increase the odds for success of the business.

In particular, the three critical areas where you, as an entrepreneur, can get the assistance are:

1. FINANCE - knowing what you need to know, how to prepare, and what you need to do for proper capitalization, funding and financial stability (so that you can grow your business instead of running out of cash within the first year and failing--remember: most small businesses fail within the first 6 to 12 months because of undercapitalization).

Our offering in this area is the program called Finance for Startups.

2. MARKETING - knowing what you need to know, how to set yourself up as a marketer of your business, your brand, your customer experience and the promotion of your business.

This means knowing how to create a strong brand that delivers a compelling customer experience, as well as use networking and referrals with strong promotion for your business -- and all this without having to be a marketing expert.

Our offering in this area is the program called DIY-Small Business Entrepreneurs can be great Marketers.

3. PRODUCTIVITY - knowing how to prevent becoming overwhelmed and burnt-out, so that you can control the environment of having too many things to do and not enough time to do them effectively.

You can learn how to accomplish more in less time with better quality and reduced stress in the Small Business environment.

Our offering in this area is the program called Gain Control of Your Day.

Each of the above mentioned programs can be standalone or integrated as one single package for your learning experience. And they can be delivered directly to you via a one-to-one personal electronic and secure mechanism.

At this site, we will have podcast episodes and brief videos to provide the value that you look for to get the tools you need to build your small business successfully -- the ENTREPRENEUR TOOLS ONLINE.

Welcome aboard. We are glad to have you come along and get the value from these programs and tools.

In the next episode, we will have a discussion with two entrepreneurs to give you the details of the programs and the value for the Entrepreneur.

Copyright (c) 2010, Matrix Solutions Corporation. All rights reserved.